Lengthening Cadillac Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3360

Lengthening Cadillac Flow
Amy Havens
Class 3360

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Thanks for this nice flowing class. I like the diamond pelvic tilt and really appreciate these quick 30 min classes.
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Thank you Paulinka and Jackie !!
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thank you Amy!! loved this class, perfect for what my body needed today :)
Jo Landis Shields
Beautiful Class! I watched it through but will bookmark it for Sunday when the studio is quiet. I can't wait for Sunday! Love from me
Kate V
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Wow, that felt terrific!! Thank you Amy!
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Loved the flow! Great session!
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Brilliant Class Amy. Really enjoy all of your classes; you bring a lovely fun sense of style to Pilates!
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Amy, I really enjoyed your class! Thank you for sharing the diamond pelvic and the short spine work on the push through bar -- LOVE them! Thanks for another great class!
Sharon O
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Thank you! Just what this body needed after a 10 day road trip! Love the short spine over push thru and purple springs diamond pelvic tilt 😍
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Spine and mind feel fantastic after that.... thank you!
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