Eclectic Mat Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3361

Eclectic Mat Flow
Amy Havens
Class 3361

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So good! Love it your cueing...and one more, oh only one more...XOXO
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YOU are awesome! loved this.
Everything I love about Pilates. Just a mat, great cueing and such a positive energy. Thanks Amy:)
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thank you so much for your great teaching Amy, and for this wonderful class:)
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Oh so good to see you again, Amy Havens ! I loved this one. Felt therapeutic but also strengthening. I've never been able to achieve the fast scissors but allowed myself to just do them slowly for a stretch and some ab work. I am feeling so much stronger than I ever have and am so grateful to you and all the wonderful PA teachers who keep me going!
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Amy you are such a beautiful mover and I love your spirit of calmness through your work. You make me feel good. Thank you.
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Thanks everyone, wow, such kind words of appreciation. I'm grateful. Kandie , so good to see you here again and yes, keep it up, we're here for you!!
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slightly different than what i did before, but i like this movement so much, especially the crossing legs rolling like a ball at the end of session. Thanks! :) enjoy so much!
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Lovely thoughtful class as always. Thank you!
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I only watched this class without really doing it (promise I will do it later😉) but wauw Amy, I really admire your teaching style! Can learn a lot from that! Thank you.
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