Strong Mat Variations<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 3399

Strong Mat Variations
Mariska Breland
Class 3399

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John - probably the planks. I only get sore when “ab work” isn’t actually “ab work.”
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Amazing! Loved the Plank variations and the spine twist variations.
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wow , what a great variations !!!! thank you for this class Mariska Breland !!!!!!
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I loved this class! All the unique variations of the Hollowbody and the kneeling side lunge work was so cleaver and effective. I incorporated alot of what I found in this class into my mat pilates class today and had so much positive feedback! Your amazing! Thank you!
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Great workout thank you, feeling nice and lean and ready to teach my class.
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my abs feel strong and my shoulders feel more open! When doing the chicken arm I could barely bend my elbow and get my shoulder to lay flat when on my back. Think that means I'm tight in my chest and weak in my delts? Or is it more a rhomboid issue?
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Lovely workout! Unique ab work, side work and all around great experience. You have a wonderful coaching style. This is a thoughtfully orchestrated class. Thank you!
Pascale Perez
Such a great class, Thank you Mariska for your creativity, I learned from you every time.
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What a fantastic class! Killer moves but not held forever and repeated a million times like some classes. Loved loved loved it!! Thank you so much!
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Mariska always gives the most interesting classes with creative variations, I always feel inspired after and want more, this is another great one. Thank you
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