34 Mat Exercises<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Workshop 3411

34 Mat Exercises
Benjamin Degenhardt
Workshop 3411

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We will provide a link to this in the description later, but for more in depth input from Meredith Rogers perspective as the only student in this workshop, please read her insightful blog Move With An Open Mind. Thanks again Meredith!
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Fabulous ! Just fabulous
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Chapter two completed but the discoveries are just beginning! Thank you. See you tomorrow. ;)
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This is excellent, thank you sooooo much. Such clear concise and staightforward instruction.
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Thank you for teaching the classical work and thank you for three FREE workshop
I LOVE this and Benjamin I'd want to do one of your classes if I was in the US, you're so expressive! Wonderful teacher, what a gift.
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The Lady demonstrating these exercises is a very fine Practitioner.
Mr Degenhardt, you were fortunate to have such an capable Practitioner! 5 Stars to the Lady.
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Love this, fun and very informative. Thank you!!
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Love this ! Can you please give some tips on how to roll better when you have a deep curve in your spine (Lordosis)?
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