Strong Mat Flow<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 3425

Strong Mat Flow
Monica Wilson
Class 3425

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perfect explanation;step by step through the all exercises...great class...thank you Monica...
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Great cues. It made things deeper in my body.
Monica Wilson
I had the best time teaching this class and I am so glad my cues are helping you get deeper connections! Thank you for your feedback:)
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Great workout but a bit too ambitious for me! I’ll return in a couple of months.
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loved it !!
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Love love love .
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Thank you, Monica. Loved all the focused cues!
Thank you, it was soooo good!
Paulina W
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Very good workout! Found the instructions super clear and that really help with a deeper understanding and connection to your body. Thank you
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Lovely class, good level two. Particularly your instructions for the boomerang were very helpful. Thanks!
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