Strong Mat Flow<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 3425

Strong Mat Flow
Monica Wilson
Class 3425

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excellent class, ideal to start off 2019 . Thank you so much!
Vero V
Thank you Monica, for your classes! Amazing cueing, it always gets me a little bit closer to doing it right :) 
Leena S
Thanks Monica. A good class for those still learning. Personally, too much explanation for me, and it broke up the flow too often.
complete tough work out! thank you!
Monica Wilson
So glad you enjoyed this tough class!
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That was so helpful.. the pace and explanation, ques were super helpful. My first time getting to teaser without momentumđŸ˜€
Natasha R
I was hoping for a bit more of an athletic flow but still a good class. Thank you!
Jen U
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You are an excellent instructor. While I watched today to give me inspiration for my teaching, I will go back and do this class!
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Great one Monica- thanks a lot!
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