Sacroiliac Intervention
Sherri Betz
Class 3430

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Always a privilege to learn from Sherri Betz. Pilates Anytime, thank you for offering videos of masterful teachers working with individual clients, and for being willing to show the (few) movements that didn't work as well as those that helped. Helpful.
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Wonderful as always! Full of helpful information. XOXO
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thank you so much . i learnt a lot from this class
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Sherri, it was interesting that this client had a longer left leg but was posteriorly rotated on the left side of the pelvis. Usually the pelvis is anteriorly rotated on the longer leg side right?
Also, when you were doing the osteopathic reset for the pelvic torsion, you had her flex against resistance with the left hip flexor, strengthening the left hip flexors which would anteriorly rotate the pelvis on that side which makes sense because it was posteriorly rotated. But, then you did
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...quite a bit of glut work (in quadruped on the trap table) for the left glut. Just wondering, wouldn't that again posteriorly rotate the pelvis on the left, nullifying what you did in the osteopathic adjustment? What is the reasoning behind strengthening the left glut? Just to balance the strength on the 2 sides? Thanks!
And, when you did the osteopathic adjustment to anteriorly rotate the left side, what was the effect on the leg length discrepancy? It seems like it would get worse:) so I'm very curious about that.
Hi jason I find that often with anterior R/posterior L ilium, the L glute is often weak. I am looking mostly at the muscle imbalance especially in her significantly weaker left side. after the muscle energy technique her Leg Length was equal. After exercise at the end of every session I always go back and check the pelvic position to see if it changed. I care much less about the pelvic position than about pain reduction and functional improvement outcomes.
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Hi Sherri, thanks very much for taking the time to get back to me. If the body were only a bit simpler haha. It seems counter intuitive because the glute max posteriorly rotates the pelvis, so strengthening it seems like it would posteriorly rotate it more (or maybe depends on which fibers), but I know in reality things are not that simple. I'd have to go with trying to balance that significant imbalance in the hip extensors as well. Thanks!
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And, the glut will function different in open and closed chain. After thinking about it, working the hip extenors in an open chain, as in quaruped, looks like it could end up anterior rotating the pelvis.
Now you are thinking jason! I pretty much never assume anything. I watch the person move and then give cues to bring things into optimal function, balance and symmetry. I know what the glutes do in a perfect is never just one muscle functioning at a time that can manifest differently in each body. Thank you for the dialogue.
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