Sacroiliac Intervention<br>Sherri Betz<br>Class 3430

Sacroiliac Intervention
Sherri Betz
Class 3430

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Such valuable information, thank you SO much!
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Wow 🤩
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Fantastic!! Wish I had access to you Sherri:)
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I love your information to help my clients to feel better !!!
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I want to work with you!!! Unfortunately, I live in Cairo Egypt.....
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Fabulous. Thank you Sherri for sharing your approach and thinking with us. I have learnt so much from you which I am able to apply in my teaching.
Moushumi K
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Thank you Sherri. As a physiotherapist I do tend to break down many exercises to build into the movement that I'm working with and this tutorial gave me many more insights on the same.
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This was so great. Valuable information and I love that you point out what you are seeing, so I can watch for that. Also loved your cueing...sits bone to opposite heel was great. I wish there could have been more camera angles. Especially when you were standing behind her but the camera was on the front of her.
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I have SI Joint disorder and this was very informative and helpful! Thank you🎈
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Sherri, this was so informative and valuable, - thanks for all the input and your authenticity! I love tutorials like this, with "real" clients with real problems! I will definitely watch this as often as the other tutorials you did with PA! Please, please come back with more of this kind! I´m sending my love,
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