Sacroiliac Assessment<br>Sherri Betz<br>Tutorial 3431

Sacroiliac Assessment
Sherri Betz
Tutorial 3431

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Sherri, how did you make such a difficult diagnosis to treat so easy to assess. You never cease to amaze me. Thanks. Loved the process and the way you organized the test. Will add to my repertoire.
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very informative, thank you.
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Thank you so much! This was wonderful and so helpful. I am having these exact same issues and your video was so informative.
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Thank you, Sherri. Great eval!
Kathleen M
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Ah-mazing! Thank you Sherri Betz and pilatesanytime for doing a SI in depth tutorial! Love!
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Fantastic information thank you! 
Sherri Betz
Thank you Gladys Rhonda Kathleen Bridget and Carol-Ann for the positive feedback!  I am so glad you found the information useful!
Really informative thanks Sherri. I've recently started comprehensive training with Polestar:) Exciting times...I'm presuming that this assessment would normally be performed by a Physical therapist (or Physiotherapist) and is beyond the scope of practice for the Pilates instructor? Many thanks, Sarah
Lorraine A
thank you for this video and the one with amy these are very helpful when shelby squatted all the way down i tried to also and i have a pain on my left and i see in the mirror i'm lopsided in my hips.. i'm not sure what to do but its very painful the it travels down my left side and throbs internally everyday. do you have any suggestions?
Rajashree Srirangarajan
Great information!
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