Fear Workshop
Mariska Breland
Workshop 3439

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oh yesss! my weekend program! i am looking forward to it! ;)
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Your empathy for clients is a gift, which we as instructors greatly appreciate. The progressions presented are a valuable tool to deeply understand Pilates' work. Mariska is a patient, thoughtful presenter.
Perhaps, future tutorials to support those who experience chronic fear responses, could deepen our personal skills to relieve the physical manifestations which limit freely participating in life's choices.
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Hi Mariska! Excellent workshop. I devoured it. You’ve given me hope for being a fear-based person. I’m trying to take the quiz but it keeps telling me I’ve only watched 59% of the workshop but I’ve watched the whole thing. Can you help?
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Great workshop - thank you!!
Barbara Hi Barbara - I don't know how to fix that, but I'm sure the PA team will see your comment and help out. I'm glad you liked the workshop!
This was great, and very timely for me.  Thank you!
Does this workshop offer PMA credits?
Hi Erini, yes this workshop offers 3 CECs.
Mariska, Thank you for this workshop.  I found the information about fear to take on new meaning as we navigate life with COVID.  The information was useful for my Pilates practice and teaching, but also helpful for many other aspects of life.  I too live with a yet-to-be-cured neurological disease and appreciate you openly sharing your journey with us.  Be well.
Mariska, Thank you for this workshop.  It was really helpful for me, both as a teacher and person!  You have a really great way of explaining things to clients that infuse both confidence and calm.  I learned a lot, and I'm grateful for your wisdom!  
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