Reformer & Tower Connections<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3451

Reformer & Tower Connections
Amy Havens
Class 3451

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Thank you! It is a very nice idea to have same exercises on different equipment!
Really fun approach, Amy!
Loved. So good for all of us to revisit how the same exercises feel on different equipment. Thanks for this!
That was fun! I did the work out on the tower until we got to the sideline legwork, then switched to the reformer. I love the side over options using the rolldown bar on the tower. Love you creativity Amy! Thank you
Excelente! Ideal cuando falta un Reformer!!!
I loved this class , simply because it connects apparatus workouts in different ways . Thank you Amy
I needed this like water today. Thank you Amy:)
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That was really fun to see 2 people doing the same thing on different apparatus. It was also good how you pointed out the different settings and springs for each one. I would love to see something like this with one of them being a mat, so you could see how to modify the moves for a mat class.
perfect thank you for sharing.
Amy S
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Wondering if you have ever done a video on comparisons between different brands of equipment and the effects that might have on the same exercise? Or to someone's experience ? I had the thought while watching this particular video and maybe it's one of those times where I need to just keep my thoughts to myself:)
Thank you for being such a wonderful resource for the community of Pilates enthusiasts and teachers alike.
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