Reformer & Tower Connections
Amy Havens
Class 3451

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Loved this creative class! I did the tower today. Next time I'll switch it up. Thank you Amy:)
Thank you. Love this. I try to teach a small 4 group using two difference apparatus sometimes. Have you tried to teach a duet on Wunda chair & reformer?
So informative for those of us who are not instructors! Awesome, as always!
Loved this one...especially the sideovers....and the cueing of the fists - here's a challenge - add the chair! And by the way, your "students" ba-nanas strong & precise & flowy.
Loved this class! I learned how to use my Tower in a few new ways!
Amy - You mentioned that the tower spring setup was available in the class description. I am using my iPad to watch Pilates Anytime (using the app), but don’t see a description. Is that available on the iPad version?
Love it! Thank you Amy!
Great class, progressions and cues as always Amy!
Thank you for this video Amy. I really appreciated seeing the differences/similarities between the two apparatuses. Very helpful!
This is really frustrating as there is no description of what springs to use so you can set up in advance. Amy says it's in the description, but I don't see it anywhere. Really annoying to constantly start and stop and try and work out what spring they're using.
Sanjida O ~ We're sorry for your frustration and hope that you were still able to enjoy the exercises. Amy has other classes that are very clear about the springs used and we are happy to help you find the classes that work for you. Please email us at if you have any questions.
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