Hamstrings For Ease & Grace<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 3454

Hamstrings For Ease & Grace
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3454

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Niedra Gabriel
Luisa P , I don't know what you mean by "enhanced" gluts so I cannot answer this question.  If someone is experiencing Vertigo this is a different problem , I am not a medical doctor so cannot recommend around this, but yes, doing the sequence sitting is a smart way to adapt the exercise to work for the student.  Sorry I could not be of more help.
Niedra, To clarify, I was wondering if you have had experiences doing these movement sequences with clients that have silicone implants on their buttocks.
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Luisa P I personally have not worked with anyone with implants but I asked a fellow practitioner friend  who has and her response:  as long as it has been significant recovery time from surgery, say 12 weeks (everybody is different) it is  great to roll them.  YOu wont push them out of place or ruin them and it can actually help to tone the muscles underneath and help with scar tissue and pain from the surgery.  I will add that you should work with a large soft ball that is not too inflated to allow for the client to adjust and feel into the movement and decide what they can take.  Hope this helps.

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Wow, my hip was very tight.  I don’t know what I did but lifting my leg was painful, so much soi couldn’t walk comfortably up the stairs.  This has improved it a great deal.  I waited until I had the right ball and gave it a go.  I am so impressed.  I will do this again tomorrow as I’ve just done day 2 as well to catch up.  Thank you for your workout, looking forward to the rest of the challenge.  I feel this will be a regular for me. 
Niedra Gabriel
Kate B thank you for your post. well done on releasing all the hip tension. Yes, revisiting will only take you further into the freedom your body holds for you.Enjoy the rest of the challenge.
Colleen M
Fabulous! I loved it and I can’t wait to incorporate this in my Center and Balance Pilates Class!
Niedra Gabriel
Colleen M glad you loved this work. We will be filming more fascia release work soon so keep an eye out for this.
Julie Lloyd
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Beautiful instruction and a wonderful combination to help achieve a lovely open lower body. I enjoyed this very much, thank you.
Sue S
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Thank you Niedra Gabriel I enjoyed the class and look forward to the next in the series.
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I signed up for this series, just started and wow! What a difference, love it!
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