Ankles & Calves<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 3458

Ankles & Calves
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3458

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Leah K
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My cyclist's calves thank you (once they released). I'll be doing this again very soon. :)
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thank you very much, love all the videos.
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This is one of the areas I have been working with one of your prior classes since last year and it has made a tremendous difference in my life and helped me to improve my flexibility in my calves. I hadn’t even realized how tight they were until I tore my calf muscle a year ago and began to realize that all of my ankle sprains/instability, calf tear, plantar fasciitis and hip arthritis were connected. You have been a tremendous help to me, along with a number of other teachers on this site.
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This was so informative and I just loved it. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Lori and Lani - I am so pleased to be reading your comments about the usefulness of this work.
I found this one hard. My weight on my legs made me very sore. And I have so much inflexibility in one ankle due to a sprain two years ago. I think this is exactly what I need to really restore that. But I need more instruction. Lori, what other videos are you watching to help you? Niedra, can you recommend a different position where I might do something similar without my legs falling asleep? Thanks so much!!Niedra Gabriel Lori
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Martha &quot;Mars&quot; Hart I have so many videos and teachers that have been helpful to me, I am giving a partial list by class number:
Foot and leg alignment Deborah lessen 997
Meredith Rogers jumpboard classes
Sarah Bertucelli 3345, 2567
Ruth Alpert 3117
Miriam Kane...all of her classes, but especially 3322
Marika Molner 2811
Amy Havens 822, 2413, 2519 and any of her jumpboard classes which helped me to restrengthen my feet in a non weight bearing way
Rebecca Rotstein 2936, 1816
Phillip Beach 2217
Tom McCook 2826
Troy McCarty 1954
Cathleen Murakami 1225
All of Victor Uygan’s classes because he is dancer focused and is very helpful to me with alignment and exercises for the feet.
Juan Nieto, his classes are runner focused and also concerned with alignment
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Erika Quest bosu classes, great for strengthening ankles I do some bosu/balance work every day and have seen immense progress
Niedra Gabriel 856, 1349, 2308, 923
Also when I started rolling my feet, I had to begin in a seated position so my full weight wasn’t on the balls. Now I am able to do it standing. These have all been helpful to me. I hope they help you as well. I just started searching for foot focused classes and that’s how I found all of these.
Niedra Gabriel
You are amazing Lori , your documented research and study is impressive. You should be creating your own programs off the research and experimentation ( ad progress) you have made with in your own journey.
Lori, thank you so much! I forgot to mention I don't have any equipment, so my choices will be fewer...but I still wondered , Niedra, any ideas for using maybe a foam roller or something to get in the calves and ankles? Niedra Gabriel Thanks again.
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