Ankles & Calves<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 3458

Ankles & Calves
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3458

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Loving these Niedra Gabriel !
Niedra Gabriel
Martha &quot;Mars&quot; Hart you can of course use a foam roller - there are many more variations to this work than I am sharing in the challenge. Please explore a small narrow type roller as it needs to be narrow to get into those areas. Honestly, circus performers ( real tough and out there athletes) often us a broom stick to roll out their calves _ and it works, but it is VERY painful so unless your body is educated and able to experiences many variables of intensity ( as pleasure) it is not for the average person. Please do share any discoveries you uncover - we are all in this together.
amazing!!! thank you
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My goal will be to allow the deep ankle and calf flexion needed to hang out like a baby(primal self) - think I will do this daily for a few weeks to see if I can achieve the necessary release. Will let you know.....
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Great work thank you
Niedra Gabriel
Caroline B , what a great goal - you sound like such a free spirit. Does your goal entail, hanging from your flexed feet? or squatting like a kid does? just curious.... both a primal, but squatting is more functional ( I now squat, but before this work I could not get into that deep joint release.) the hanging is more a circus trick... Ha ha - good for the spirit.
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Thanks Niedra- My goal is to squat like I must’ve been able to do as a child. Then I should also probably do some circus training- my class know that I love to go and see Cirque du Soleil - watch this space!!
OMG that was amaaaazing! I will be doing these regularly for my tightened walker’s/runner’s calves! Thank you!!! 😍
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you both for you enthusiasm and progress sharing - YAY Caroline B , Kirsty
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Thank you so much. This has made such a huge difference. I am amazed. I feel like a whole new person. Thank you!!!!!
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