Ankles & Calves<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 3458

Ankles & Calves
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3458

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It was so relaxed for my contracted calves! excellent work! thanks Niedra
Rosena S
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This is perfect, ever since having my ATF ligament replaced a few years ago my ankle has felt imbalanced. After one session I can already feel a difference and how much this will help my continuous healing in the long term, thank you Niedra! 
Niedra Gabriel
Francesca Stocchi , Rosena and Samantha This is awesome! I am thrilled you are all benefitting from this work
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@NiedraGabriel thank you for this gift of release! Please please answer me if it is safe for all those of us with varicose veins on those calves!??
Niedra Gabriel
DIMITRA T thankyou for your comment.  I a not a doctor so it is complicated to answer your question.  I suppose it depends on how bad the veins are. The area of congestion is probably really tight, so the ball pressure can bring a lot of relief and decongest some of the tightness, so I suppose use your judgement.
Sue S
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Thank you, loved this class!
Julie Lloyd
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Thank you Diedra, this felt very nice, right through to the tops of my legs. Much appreciated!
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Loving these, Niedra - thank you so much!
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