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So excited to get started on this Niedra! Thank you!
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I'm looking forward to seeing the bloopers for this video. Maybe it's just my one-track-Australian-mind. I apologize Niedra...
I am loving this series already though!
Thanks! I use my Yoga Tune-Up balls pretty much every day. It seems to me like they have gotten softer over time. Have you noticed this? Thinking it might be time to get some new ones.
Sandra - bloopers!
I am smiling, my husband wants me to brand this work "girls with balls" so there you are....
Hi Ted, yes, the balls do soften with time - its up to you if you like the harder texture get another pair, I personally like both types. Many people find the newer balls a bit harsh, it's all personal. Good for you for your daily application.
Niedra Gabriel do we need all three of these types of balls to do this challenge? Right now all I have are the yoga tune-up balls and some similar to the smaller pump-up balls (I don't have the large ones). Just wondering if I should order those before trying this out.
Hi Niedra, loving what I've done so far! Thank you. I can't find the larger ball anywhere though. I'm in the UK, and I only seem to bring up the 10cm balls when I search? Thanks for any help!
Hi Ted Johnson , you can definitely work with the smaller balls for everything ( maybe the neck work will be limited as it will depend on your shoulder width and the size of the balls - but even with that you can always place a yoga block or book under the ball to raise it up so it fits your body.
Hi Jenny I checked on the amazon Uk website and found these balls Togu Gymnastic Redondo Ball
It looks like it could substitute for the ball I was using. No need to be exact about the size, if the ball is smaller place a yoga block or book under it to rain it up. The basics are putting pressure and pulling into an area and listening to your body to notice when the tension factor shifts around. I hope this helps
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Niedra Gabriel you’re so kind thank you for doing that for me! Great!!!
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