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I really love this programme and have really felt the difference Niedra. Thank you so much. I've been trying to order something similar to the Body Work balls but have found this difficult in terms of cost regarding postage to France. I was wondering if the Franklin mini roller would work just as well?
Hi there, just starting on the challenge. The dialogue on the video mentions links at the bottom of the page to purchase the balls, but I am not finding the links. Help please and thanks!
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Donna ~ The links are included at the end of the description. If you are on the mobile or full version of the site, you should be able to find them. I hope this helps!
Cheryl , do try working with what you have, no need to spend a lot of money on shipping from one country to another, eve tennis balls can work in a pinch. Just explore using what you have to create pressure into an area. Once you feel the work you can improvise further.
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Dear Niedra, Thank you for the videos and invaluable advice. Could I ask your advice re the soft roller? which brands would you recommend, I only have a harder short roller and would like to get the right 'density' Thank you. Ewa
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Tried it for the first time today, but dont have the correct balls. What are the sizes of ball that you need . Im in the uk
Ewa thank you for your comment, There are many brands you can find on Amazon, I recommend looking through them as there are many brands that are good. some cost more than others.   The softer roller is gentler on the body.  I do not recommend any specific one.
Jo  thank you for your comment. If you listen to the tips for success video there is mention of the two sizes I use in the video. you can also see the size. it does not have to be exact. One ball is a bit larger than a tennis ball and the other one is as you can see bigger. I have used many types of balls myself, and encourage you to find and use something approximate.  I have no idea what is available in the UK. 
Has anyone found ball substitutes available in Europe? Im in Germany and can't find the right ones...
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Niedra Gabriel Could you please tell me what the difference is between a Franklin ball and Overball? I would love to take this class but I am in the UK and can find no reference to Franklin balls. I have a set of three spikey balls just a shade bigger than 2” in different hardnesses, a spikey ball just a shade under 4” and an overball at 9”.  Not sure if this will be quite right as none of the small balls are smooth, but they are used for fascia release. 
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