Athletic Wunda Chair<br>Tash Barnard<br>Class 3489

Athletic Wunda Chair
Tash Barnard
Class 3489

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Tash Barnard
Hi everyone - i hope i've managed to PM you all! If not, please get in touch !
Life is better because of PILATES ANYTIME ........right! : )
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Great chair workout- loved the monster walk💜
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what beautiful, amazingly cued class - Thankyou !
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Thank you, an athletic blast🙏
Caroline B
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Great class great energy made it fun to watch and learn
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I loved this! The monster walks were awesome. My body really needed this. Thanks so much!!
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I loved to watch you two work together. It’s kind of sweet! Had a smile on all the time while watching. Thanks for a wonderful chair workout, it was full of fun and good cuing.
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Great chair workout! :D
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Awesome video. Thanks Tash Barnard !!! Great to see a workout taught on a 'non-pilates' male. x
Amanda L
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I love your workouts and you two couldn't be any cuter together. It's a lot of fun to watch your dynamic. I learned a lot and I feel great! The monster walks are fantastic! Thank you. :)
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