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Walk the Walk
Jared Kaplan
Discussion 3515

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I love this and totally agree with the importance of joy with what we do. It definitely gets lost within the running of the business, would love to know more. Thank you xx
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Thank you so much for this discussion. I am definitely asking the hard questions and remembering to come back to the why of it all and to the joy of the practice is the key. More discussions like this would be amazing!
Jane I totally agree and am so glad that Kristi made that point! Jennifer You're welcome! Keep centering in the truth of 'why', infused with joy, and big changes can occur. Happy to share more!
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Kristi, I love these interviews/discussions that you do with other Pilates professionals. You ask great questions and I always learn something. Whatever you’re discussing touches on issues we all face , frequently things we knew but forgot about or just need to be reminded. I come away with a lot to think about. Thanks Jared !
I love these discussions too Sharon . Thought-provoking reminders about issues we all encounter in our own ways, and ways to spark change, improvements, and more enjoyment. To be honest, I was nervous about offering this kind of chat during my first visit, but I felt compelled to - that there was no way to NOT talk about this now. So thank you for watching and I'm very glad it's resonated with you.
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So glad you did bring this discussion to the table. Even those of us who run very small business need to take time to see how we are in alignment with ourselves. Like our movement practise, which changes with time, so do we as people, and that alignment also changes.
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Thank you both! Seriously interesting concept that behoves all professionals to consider, AND action as appropriate.
Food for thought at a great time for me, as I reflect on my past years growth as a Pilates professional, who wants to do and learn more. Much appreciated, please keep up the honest work you do.
All the best, Mel
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Thank you Jared and Kristi in starting this very imporatant conversation . Teaching and running a business are two very seperate things and before thinking of opening your own studio really know what drives you and how much of yourself you willing to sacrifice ? Maybe having a private practice the way to go ?
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Being in alignment ourselves, over time, is SO critical Lynn - no matter the size of the business. Otherwise, what are we *really* offering? Thank you for pointing out how dynamic the process is (like in movement!) Glad it was timely for you Mel , you have my word that I'll keep offering honest, professional food for thought! Varvara : you said the 'S' word: sacrifice. ;) It all comes down to knowing your self, what you want to offer, and how you can best show up for yourself and others. Teaching clients is an entirely different 'business' than running a Studio - yet so many of us forget how different they really are (and how much we actually DO every day!) Thanks for sharing.
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Thank you! I’ve been practicing Pilates for twenty years and I’ve owned my studio in Hudson NY for almost 15 years. This is the EXACT conversation and content that truly interest me now. Honestly, I experience a pervasive fatigue that I have been addressing for years. I’m closer now to a balanced work life but it has taken a lot of reflection. As I write this tonight I am totally worn out; again. Wonderful subject!!
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