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Walk the Walk
Jared Kaplan
Discussion 3515

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Jared, you mentioned sharing a link to allow listeners a way to further examine where we are in the process. Will you follow up on that?
The discussion was thought provoking and very relevant for me.
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Jared Kaplan the phrase "reacting to clients' schedules" really resonated with me. As a newer instructor I often feel I should (another "s" word) take any opportunity that's offered. When I do so, I can be left misaligned. So, before saying "yes", I ask myself two questions: Am I available? Am I able?

Availability is easy enough, if the calendar is open, it's a yes.

Being able or unable is challenging to answer. However considering this questions allows the opportunity to reflect on the consequences of saying "yes". It's allowed me to determine that sometimes, I'm really not able. The "no" is much easier to deliver once I've checked in and aligned myself with my values.

Thank your for your candid discussion, I would love to hear more!
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I loved this conversation and think every studio and training program (and client) should have it as required teacher viewing. These are the questions I ask clients and myself daily. Please continue this conversation.
Kaki Simons ~ The link that Jared mentions is in the second half of the description. Let us know if you have trouble accessing it.
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Kaki Simons I'm so glad it was relevant and thought-provoking. The link is midway down the description - hope it inspires more thought (and action!).

Melissa GREAT questions. Can I add: is this my ideal client and/or schedule? I'd challenge you - even tho you're newer - to practice setting useful boundaries for yourself on your schedule NOW. I've made the mistake of not stating what schedule would serve me best (and enable me to be AT my best for clients - present, energized, attentive), and it took a very long time to undo those poor habits. YES to checking in with yourself and your alignment - that 'YES' carries much more weight when values-driven.

Thank you Marcia ! "required teacher viewing" ..WOW! You know I am passionate about continuing this ;)
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Nicole first, CONGRATS on your successes - the perseverance and consistency required to practice and own a studio that long is impressive! I hear you on fatigue - I've seen it all over, both in big city and small town practices. Can I ask you to share what strategies have worked for you to restore your own balanced work life as an entrepreneur/business owner and practitioner?
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Talk about common themes roaming in the Universe, I literally just posted yesterday on social media about life choices, priorities, integrity and stepping back and taking a break. So many people (especially fellow colleagues) resonated with that post and then by chance today I've come across this discussion!!
It's bang on and so relevant, I think this topic can be discussed further. I look forward to the next one!
Great to hear Roxana - I'd love to see what you shared. Integrity is the key - and staying true to it over time, which requires intense rigor, honesty, accountability and discipline. Game on!
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Self care is so important but one that we typically put on the back burner because I think most of us feel selfish when we put our needs before others. Good discussion. Thanks for sharing.
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Hey Jared Kaplan
You can find me @roxyspiral on IG, i'll find you too! I met Marimba in July and she's spoken highly of you! I'm hoping she wins the upcoming contest ;)
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