Konnections for Mat<br>Viktor Uygan<br>Class 3543

Konnections for Mat
Viktor Uygan
Class 3543

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Looks amazing!! I need to get my hands on a long theraband- can’t wait to try this class. Love the creativity, cueing, and humor🤗
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Just a perfect morning! Thank you.
Viktor Uygan
Hi Erin Thank you for your comment. let me know how it goes when you get to try the class
Viktor Uygan
Hi Viera I love perfect mornings... :)
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Really lovely, creative work. I only have a green theraband that length, and it was too heavy for many of the exercises. I was able to modify, but I think it will be worth getting the yellow to experience the class as intended.
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Hi, would the band be okay for those who may have neck compression, cervical issues or would the band across shoulders work just as well ?

thanks !
Viktor Uygan
Hi Rachel Thank you for trying the class! Yes, you will have more success with a yellow band. I created this class with the Yellow band and not as much for resistance but for an emphasis on tactile connections between limbs and the body. If the band is heavy for any movement decrease the range of movement and focus on connection that band provides
Viktor Uygan
Hi T C Great question. The tactile pressure the band creates on standing exercises should be done relatively light and for feedback purposes. This pressure could be adjusted by leaving a larger space between your hands before you place the band on top of your head. As always avoid this exercise if there is any discomfort or pain. Placing the band on the shoulders good alternative as well!
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Oh my, I loved every second of this class. Victor, your use of the theraband is absolutely genius, creative and inspiring. I cannot wait to use and teach your moves. Thank you.
Viktor Uygan
Thank you for your comment Belinda You made my day 😊 I am happy you like the creativity and finding useful. Let me know how it goes
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