Hip Opening Cadillac<br>Brent Anderson<br>Class 3553

Hip Opening Cadillac
Brent Anderson
Class 3553

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LOVE!!! This was beautiful. I am looking so forward to watching it a million more times to understand more. I could watch Brent teach until the cows come home. Thank you!!!
Well that session just looked incredible!! Thanks for the suggestions for opening up the hips, can’t wait to try it!
Extrañando mucho a Brent.
Me encanta ver el rostro de ella al final de la clase.
Muchas gracias.
Dr. Brent "the magician"! 😉
I never fail to learn from you, Brent. So many pearls today. Thanks for everything!
First attempt to watch something in audio mode due to poor internet reception and impressive to follow, disappointing.
Sandra B
Hi! My name is Sandra, and I am a STOTT certified instructor. Love this workout! What an amazing instructor and teacher you are! I always learn something when I watch your videos. Looking forward to seeing more...:)
love this....especially the hanging work, the "waterwheel", the great levitation work,  of course the hip openers....but such great thoracic extension!    thank you thank you
This is class is amazing! Thanks for sharing!
Wonderful session 💪 I appreciate the cueing 👌 Have to try it myself 🙏
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