Hip Opening Cadillac<br>Brent Anderson<br>Class 3553

Hip Opening Cadillac
Brent Anderson
Class 3553

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Lucky Meredith!! Exceptionally common I think to have tight hips from prolonged sitting and really useful to see one to one work in action. Just a suggestion, it might be useful to have a quick 30 seconds of the 'client's' thought/feedback at the end of the session in terms of perceived benefits? Love your work Brent - following Polestar/Moss Pilates on F/B although sadly the studio a little too far for me to get to on a regular basis. Best wishes, Sarah from the UK
Valya Karcher
Me next! : )
This brings to mind a question I've often thought about asking Dr. Bret Anderson: Whenever I see a baby strapped to their parent's chest in a front facing baby sling...legs externally rotated 180 degrees. Dr. Anderson, from your experience and expertise, what might possibly be the postural repercussions from this practice? I'm looking forward to your thoughts!
Valya Karcher
oops - Brent : )
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That was awesome! Thanks for sharing :)
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how lucky lucky lucky to have had Brent working on your hips Meredith Happy juicy hips by Dr.BRent
Always fascinating and so informative to watch you, Brent. Thanks for another great class. (PS: is that a UFO in the water? Hope they were friendly👽)
Pilates lab work at its best! It's always amazing to watch Brent Anderson work his magic in one on one sessions.
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How cool is that to see mister Anderson today on P/A? Can't wait to do the class with Meredith and Brent Anderson.
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this is AWESOME more :) :) :)
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