Restorative Foam Roller<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3557

Restorative Foam Roller
Meredith Rogers
Class 3557

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Meredith! Are you reading my mindπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ thank you so much.
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Meredith, Thank you for sharing this class with us. Your slow, deliberate delivery as well as the sequencing in this class was lovely. I could almost see your body learning from this class, noting where the imbalances might be and noticing how balance could be restored. I will be looking forward to seeing how your put your current experience into work on the reformer. Thank you!
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Great class! I also hurt my back (bulging discs L4-L5) and have been confused on which pilates exercises help/hurt. Through my self-study, I realized that I had been exacerbating the problem with some of my pilates practice, so this class was a good start for me to begin integrating pilates back into my routine. Thanks, Meredith, and best of luck getting restoring your back!
Thank you Meredith! I absolutely loved the class!!!
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Hope you feel better! I love the stretches on the end!
Thank you for your lovely feedback and well wishes ladies!
My back is feeling SO much better.
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Foam roller controversy?? Oh no. They will have to pry my foam roller out of my cold dead hands. New formula for turning around a crappy day: Meredith Rogers + foam roller+beer. Thanks for another great class!
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Meri thank you for being so real and amazing! You made what you needed into what we all need with your beautiful cues and energy. Xox.
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So sorry to hear about your back Meredith - I have taught for years with a back condition. Its painful at times but it makes you a much better teacher ( empathy). Something good always comes out of something bad. Try Neidras myofascial releases they will certainly help you xxx
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