Day 4: Total Upper Body<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 3593

Day 4: Total Upper Body
Tracey Mallett
Class 3593

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Jennifer B.
I have loved all of the workouts so far. The combination of strength and flexibility work in the movements are awesome! Can we do a 365 day challenge?
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Really really great, Tracey. I am feeling so fantastic about this challenge. I've never done barre stuff before, so it's huge fun and definitely a challenge for my coordination and balance. Total dork here. Thank you so much!
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Great ideas as always Tracey. I love your routines. Thank you so much for Sharing. you always remind me of exercises that I haven't done in ages with clients and inspire new ideas. x
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I can feel stronger with e wry class. Thank you Tracey!
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Another incredible workout I am loving your challenges and finding them so interesting. I would love to know what music you are using?
What a way to start the day! Love the music. Thank you
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So good, second time around. Getting stronger, just as you say! Thanks, Tracey!
Jing L
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Day4, another great yet challenging workout! Love all the workouts so far!
Emily S
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Great sequence! Wish the language was more body-positive
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Fun arm work! That 30 min flew by.
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