Day 9: Lower Body Blast<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 3596

Day 9: Lower Body Blast
Tracey Mallett
Class 3596

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Meli E
I do wish the modifications were given earlier in a set.
My thighs were burning after that workout! It was another good class, thank you Tracey! 
I loved this class ! THank you Tracey -you make it fun despite the pain :)  I used my slippers as sliders haha out on the balcony tiles . One improvement if I may suggest is the choice of music...doof doof music i find annoying not motivating .
i am not flexible in my shoulders, so i did reverse plank with straight arms. I work out on carpet; sliders don't work well, but bare feet do. I am not sure if my modifications made the class easier or not. But today's class was easier for me than yesterday. I had fun. I sweated. I feel better. Thanks Tracey:) 
I'm going to do this one 1x week! So good for my hamstrings. Thanks for the great class!
Great class Tracey but the music is terrible.
Norita ~ We're so glad to hear that you enjoyed this class! We're sorry you didn't enjoy the music, there were only so many choices for copyright-free music at the time. We hope this didn't take away from the class experience though! 
Your energy is unreal! Great lower body blast thank you! 
Another fabulous 30 min workout!!!! Thank you!
One more to go! Hi, from Istanbul!
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