Day 9: Lower Body Blast<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 3596

Day 9: Lower Body Blast
Tracey Mallett
Class 3596

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Simple and yet, so effective! Thank you!
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Great one, what’s with the distracting music though?
Really enjoyed this . Thank you Tracey.
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I love this challenge! Let’s keep it going throughout the year!
I LOVE this one.. I used towels instead of sliders..
My hips look nice.. My floor is clean 😂😁
Guillermo M
More videos like this Tracey. make us sweat more!!! could you make like a HIIT-Pilates-Bare combo with several versions to keep us in shape??
Loved this class!! Please make more using sliders!! Thank you:)
I’m LOVING this challenge! I’m sad it’s going to be over tomorrow. I’ve been enjoying my daily butt-kicking from Tracey! 
Katerina G
I really love this challenge and all your other work outs. I only have one question, I am in my first trimester and I feel great doing this challenge, is there something I should modify? Thank you again for this great challenge
Love the energy and the music!  I found it very  challenging for my shoulder strength and flexibility.  i guess that's a reminder of what i need to work on. 
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