Day 6: Total Body Fusion<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 3597

Day 6: Total Body Fusion
Tracey Mallett
Class 3597

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lol! My (very old) Theraband died on me at the end - that will finish to wake you up :)))
Question: what would be a good substitute to Downward Dog when you cannot put weight on your hand flat because of a wrist injury? Pigeon? Thanks!
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definitely my favorite so far. Love total body and the theraband.
Lina S
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Creative use of the band! Thank you!
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your energy is soooo beautiful!! I cannot follow the order of the workouts, but I'm doing them between clients according to what I feel like I need that day. And they're keeping me sooo alive! I haven't been so full of energy before in winter time. This challenge has been a great morale boost! Thank you Tracey, thank you PA!!
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Again, fabulous!
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Another great workout, but definitely need to get a longer band so will do it again.
Michele M
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I loved the workout, loved the music, felt the burn! This was just a creative and fun floor practice!! Thank you Tracey, I look forward to more!:)
Jing L
My arms are so sore holding the band up, I feel my arms got most of the work out and forgot the rest of my body. Not my favorite.
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Awesome bbarreless workout! Loved the flow and the theraband always seems to kick my butt. I didn’t mind the music...I guess like most instructors, all I pay attention to is the beat.
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