Active Aging Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3604

Active Aging Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 3604

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Love this!!!! Thank you everyone needs this! Very yummy flow. Love love love.
So good! Excellent work!!
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Perfect for majority of my clientele! Thank You!
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Love it my older clients are going to enjoy all this balance work.
Michael Mary S
Amy, this is a great class. I've done it three times and used it in class. My students loved it. Thanks for all your work and great classes.
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Fun and so different from the norm! This is what we all need. I’m an older gal, trying to stay in good shape . I loved the entire workout, especially the balance work. Thanks, Amy!
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Loved it Amy! Feel invigorated and ready for my weekend. Can’t wait to share with clients. Thank you!
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Nice one.....lots of gems in this one & easily adaptable to the mat! Thank you thank you
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Amy, great class. So important for lots of people!!
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Thank you Amy, always appreciate the non-flexion classes. Sidelying hip/glute work however it tends to be difficult for quite a number of my elderly clients, due to hip or shoulder problems. I just love the lengthening feeling of the sidelying; have you got some other ideas? Thanks
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