Theraband Flow<br>Joanne Bezzina<br>Class 3620

Theraband Flow
Joanne Bezzina
Class 3620

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Great class!
Lina S
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Excellent class. Creative exercises, nice flow!
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Thank you, Jo! Just what I needed today x
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Thank you for this wonderful class :)
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One of the best classes with the theraband, beautiful flow. Thank you so much!!!!!
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Awesome Jo ! Feeling inspired.... love the focus on areas I find challenging to access. Looking forward to incorporating these gems into my seniors class.
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Wonderful class, love the imagery, movement, the use of the theraband. Everything! Miss your teaching Jo! So loving these videos :)
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Wonderful class! I'm always looking for creative ways to use the thera-band in my mat classes so this has given me some new ideas. Thanks!
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Thanks for a great class. Love the cross the band tip for leg circles etc. Lovely ideas. Feel fantastic now. xx
Diana M
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All the teachers on PA are wonderful, but this Joanne has to be one of my all time favourites! Thanks for a great way to start 2019! Cheers from Toronto, Canada!
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