Foot to Hip Dynamics<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 3621

Foot to Hip Dynamics
Tom McCook
Tutorial 3621

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Hi Monica, Thanks for checking in! There's several of my mat classes that offer complimentary exercises for the lesson. Check out functional mat class #3312, Gait related class # 3629 and classes #2827, 1406 and 689 also will be complimentary. All the best and enjoy!
Rinnie W
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. Learned a lot from your video, as always. 
Tom, this information is so beautiful! Thank you. I am very interested in taking the foot course in the future!! Do you have any advice on working with these concepts with people with large bunions? The presence of a bunion seems to throw off the 3 point stance on the feet. 
Hi Raelea, Thanks for your message and question. The main reason someone develops the bunion in the first place is because they loose contact with the fifth ray (little toe) contact point in leg bending(pronation) during the gait cycle. This deviation rolls the pressure into the first metatarsal and the big toe laterally bends towards the little toe. It's a larger conversation than I can get into here. First step is to practice putting pressure into the 3 foot points and keeping the fifth ray point pressurized in simple leg bending without blocking pronation. Consider when the fifth ray comes off the floor in leg bending not over pronation but a distorted foot. Mobilize the foot and then practice keeping the first and fifth metatarsals in contact. Also on the Reformer, instad of placing the toes on the bar, place the first and the fifth on the bar throughout the bending and straightening maintain contact. all the best!!
Hello, thank you for sharing your knowledge here in PA.  I also have a neuroma on my right foot, between 3rd and 4th ray.  Did yours go away?  Many thanks!
I just saw in your Introducing New Concepts video it went away! Wow!

Michelle K
Thank you for sharing such a useful information.  I’ve watched all your videos and memorized and hoping to learn from you more!
I love the clock step 
Cynthia G
Thanks for explaining complex actions and reactions so clearly.  Now to absorb and remember it all. 
Dear Cynthia,
Thank you for your feedback, that's exactly my goal, to make the complex accessible! Mission accomplished! Be well, enjoy and thank you all for your feedback.
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