Balancing the Hip Flexors<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 3622

Balancing the Hip Flexors
Tom McCook
Tutorial 3622

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Amy S
Interesting work...Franklin and Anatomy in Motion really complement one another.
After releasing the hip flexors, I wanted to go to my hamstrings...I hope you'll keep going with the rest of the lower body:)
Thank you for sharing!
Thank you all for the feedback! You can purchase FM balls from or through Balanced Body. Place the balls just about the sit ones when supine. You can do the exercises without the balls and it’s not quite the same. The balls act as a fulcrum for more range and help relax the back of the pelvis. You could also use a rolled up towel and put it crossed ways just above the sitbones. Enjoy!
Hey Tom, excellent class. My sciatic clients have suffered with tight hips. I want to order some balls. Im not sure of the size. One the BB website there are 4"-8", textured, air balls, easy grip balls. Please help me out here, be specific if you dont mind. As I really want the best ball for balancing the hip flexors. Thank you so much. Hope to see more of you back here soon!
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Hi Amy and Denee,
Thank you for the feedback. Amy go to the functional Mat class for standing hamstrings movements related to Anatomy in motion.
Denee I recommend any of the 4” balls, they all work well.
All the best!
I actually have franklin balls so I was happy to use them. I have need for hip flexor work so this was a welcome tutorial. Thank you.
Love that πŸ₯° Please more πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
Lisa S
Hi Tom McCook , thank you for this great tutorial. I have suffered from tight and weak hip flexors for years ( I am 63) When doing this tutorial, at 11:12, approximately, you have us from a relaxed tabletop with knees hinged, to relax our bellies and let both knees go towards the floor. I am unable to do that with a relaxed belly! Ugh, do you have any suggestions for how to begin to engage my hip flexors that way instead of using my abdominals? Thank you so much. Love this video.
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Hi Lisa,
It’s a process to learn to not overly brace in the abdomen and allow the deeper hip flexors to work properly. Begin with very small range imaging the hip flexors sliding together as the legs lift and apart as the lower. Relax the neck and jaw throughout and practice diaphragmatic breathing. You will feel the hip flexors working under your hands, go slow and smoothly. Enjoy and let me know how you progress!
Hey Tom McCook I had the time to do, not just watch this class, and wow! Thank you so much. I love the way you suggest and talk. Not to forget how great my hips and low back feel! Thank you!
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