Dealing with the Overwhelm<br>Jenna Zaffino<br>Class 3675

Dealing with the Overwhelm
Jenna Zaffino
Class 3675

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Thanks Jenna you helped me so much today
Much needed. Enjoyed the tantrums!:)
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Oh my sweet mercy! After the ongoing mantra of "overwhelm " in my mind today (well, for a while but today THAT word was on autorepeat in my brain), I came home to sneak in a workout before dinner and this one popped up. Synchronicity. Perfection. Thank you. What a beautiful practice this was. The flow of it took me back to the dancing days (which I have been too busy to do) so my body and my mind were simply delighted and all the worries melted away. Thank you!!
Jenna Zaffino
I’m so grateful for all of you for posting your responses. This was a “different” Pilates class to teach, but it came from a very true place that knows I’m not the only one who needs release and support. To everyone who is commenting: thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’ve filled me up with such gratitude. Xoxo
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This class looked great Jenna...THANK YOU, now watching again in order to DO it and gain that sense of balance that I desperately need today! xxx
Kim W
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Jenna, I SO appreciate that you acknowledge how the pent-up energy in our minds presents itself in our bodies, and vice-versa. And thank you for the permission to have a (controlled) tantrum! I will use these exercises as I need them. Sometimes daily.🙃
Kristi B
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I didn't realize just how much I needed to release until I did this class! This was so grounding and opening and I loved the Graham elements you brought in. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful and different class, this was just what I needed. I will return to this often.
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Love this class! Perfect for how I was feeling, so great thanks Jenna!
Luisa Z
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Beautiful lesson! I love Jenna's way of teaching and the wonderful feeling of lightness at the end of the lesson. Thanxs Jenna!
Solveiga A
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Whew, nice release!
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