VIIT Reformer
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3698

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Beautiful workout!!! Opened my body in so many levels! Thank you :)
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Excellent, thanks Elizabeth!  I also was thinking that the springs were lighter than I was used to when jumping but after hearing you both speak about it, I realized there was intention to the lightness and I liked it.  I will check out the follow up classes to this next.  I would love to see you do a pilates challenge on here sometime!
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This was a great class for those of us needing a little heart rev and alot of spinal therapy!  Loved the chatting - felt like I was in class with you both....Love Kristi, and this was my first - and for sure not my last with Elizabeth!
Michelle! Welcome to PilatesAnytime and thank you for your comment. I read your amazing bio on the PA site. Grateful to you for your work as an ICU nurse 💗You’ll find so many PA classes to support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.
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Thanks for this Elizabeth, really helps rigidity in my thorax . Also helps a more parasympathetic quality in the nervous system, so better application to tissues. Can't wait to do with my athlete as less is more and so relevant to infant development. Ill post video when we eventually get going :)
Thank You Nisha! Wonderful to hear from you. Wishing you well
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Stimulating to my body, heart opening and thought provoking. Another stellar Larkam production! 

The foot jumps create tension in my jar and neck- especially the anterior. When I use a heavier spring I don't have that problem. Thoughts?

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Love this class!
Love love love. Yes so great to hear the conversation between you both. I loved the sharing &  Exploring of the interoceptive experience of  "the client", with the wisdom (and non judgemental) answers of the teacher. Thank you both for sharing.
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