VIIT Reformer
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3698

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I practice yoga so some of the stretches reminds me of yoga Asana but having reformer really allows me to go deep. Love it!
Midori, I’n so glad you feel cross overs between your yoga practice and these sequences 🙏
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Another great class, another great unitard. The twists were magnificent! Inspired in every way. Love it. xx Tess
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Love love love the thoracic rotation and the fast jumping! All the ab work too! Reminded me of the wonderful Need for Speed workshop you presented at London POT few years ago. As Kristi said, we need to train in different ways. I feel amazing now. Thank you both for the laughs too :)
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Just what I needed this morning!!  Thank you so much!
This was pretty great, those twists, amazing thank you!
Thank you Yardley! You’ll find more twists in VIIT 3 and VIIT 4 posted in 2020.
Loved it thank you x
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I took many a workshop with you when I was an instructor -- my husband and I opened a restaurant six years ago had to give up teaching, and I haven't spent much time with my reformer since...getting reacquainted with my reformer while quarantined.  It was such a joy to hear your beautiful voice and detailed cues again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Christine, a joy to hear from you! Welcome back to your reformer. We have missed you. Please enjoy the many reformer classes I have on Pilates Anytime. Very best wishes to you, your husband and your restaurant.
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