Private Reformer Session<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 3705

Private Reformer Session
Carrie Pages
Class 3705

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Corinna S
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Superb cueing! It was so inspiring! Thank you for your energy and for transferring your passion and love for pilates!
Carrie you are a brilliant and inspiring teacher! Thank you for providing the Pilates Anytime community with such clear teaching with an enthusiastic and positive vibe! The workshop that supports this class is sure to be incredible! We can't wait to film that soon.
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Carrie, this was awesome for everyone, both teachers and students. I love your cue "I wonder if you could..." Such a lovely way to ask students to do something that they have let go of a bit as they move.
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Your cueing was superb! The stick has changed my life with footwork- thank you!!!
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Carrie, you are #teachergoals for me!
Absolutely love the thighs to stick neutral spine connection! Using that with classes tomorrow. Lovely class.
Amazing class, thank you!
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Brilliant, inspiring, wow you have such passion.
Thank you!
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Being a member of PAT for over 8 years, this is one of the rare sessions where I really got hints and tricks how to teach a client. It doesn't need to be the really difficult exercises. Observing the body, looking from different angles, layering cues. Loved it. Please more of that.
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I haven’t finished this wonderful video yet but felt the need to comment about how much I am enjoying this session! I soooo appreciate having the teacher cue on what they are seeing in the student in front of them and then explaining why! And we get to see it too! Great way to learn! Love, love this style of session on PAT. Thank you Carrie and PAT! And Carrie your personality is the sweetest ever! This is gold!
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