Private Reformer Session<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 3705

Private Reformer Session
Carrie Pages
Class 3705

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Thank you for this video. This is how I like to teach I love the way clients respond to suttle cues that encourages them to feel more than see.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you. I loved your passion and excitement. At times I feel as if I'm sharing too much of my internal chatter with my clients. However, your presentation added to my confidence and provided me the license to continue with my approach and style as an instructor.
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Wow your cues really took those movements to a whole other level! It's amazing how much of a connection you can make with a client when you focus on their body, discovery, and the journey of the session, rather than just listening to their weekend or spitting out generic cues. Thank you for the inspiration!! Looking forward to the workshop.
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I love your enthusiasm and energy.
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I feel like I’m smiling from the inside out after taking your class! Your cues are thoughtful and intelligent and I am eager to check out your workshop.
Thank you for this insightful and feel good class, and for bringing your positive energy and joy!!
Charlotte S
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Thank you as a student teacher in training this is a great video
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Wow everyone! I'm so grateful for your kind comments. I enjoyed filming this class so much and it means the world to me that it resonated with all of you. XOXOXO
What fun delivery, Carrie, and great info. The next time you see this fab client, please tell her she has beautiful feet!
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Thank you for this video it was perfect - I did a private today and used so much of the cues and ideas and it worked amazingly well, more like this pls
Lucie Bécus
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Fabulous! I felt like you were in the room with your hands on me. Lots of great cues I’ll be using!
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