Releasing Mat
Christi Idavoy
Class 3711

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Love the class!, will you do one with hands, arm and shoulder for example?
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I do this kind of foot work every night and it has healed my plantar fasciitis. I also do similar ball work in all different parts of my body. I’m going to add this inner thigh work. Such important work. Thank you.
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Lovely releases; somatics are very interesting. Nicely explained. Have that book but diagrams hard enough to follow and get a flow going,
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Wow, feet feel better and all the shin muscles up to my knees and beyond to pelvis. I have same side knee and toe arthritis and this was needed work for those slowing joints. It’s important to slow down and work, paying close attention to the feet and follow up the body for proper tracking. Thank you!
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Lovely class :) question: could I replace the tennis ball and block with a soft roller instead?
Or, do you need to get below the superficial fascia?
Thank you !

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Thank you, what’s great to do for constant shin splint
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Thank you for this video. It is great to see that kind of classes on Pilates Anytime, where you talk about space, expansion, release, natural breathing, natural movement. I love the Feldenkrais inputs, the crawling exercices, the exploration time, the language you use.
Hope to see more soon! :) thank you
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Lovely class, super footwork and great assist for those who find squatting difficult
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this was just what i needed. hard to describe the open sensation in my hips after a LONG week in the office. thank you! really looking forward to trying the rest of the series.
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Muchas gracias Christi!
Realmente se siente el cuerpo diferente después de aprender a soltar!
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