Releasing Mat<br>Christi Idavoy<br>Class 3711

Releasing Mat
Christi Idavoy
Class 3711

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Thank you for this class. The work with the feet is so great and important and so easily forgotten. And I really appreciate the slow mindfulness of the class and still feeling good and strong after.!
One comment: I am hoping that we as women can move away from saying things like "down there" and start to get more comfortable with using the anatomy we are talking about like "vagina, anus or perineum" or "muscles around the vagina and anus" or even "the muscles that span the pelvic floor". I figure the more we get comfortable ourselves with saying "vagina" or "the muscles around the vagina" etc.,  the more it demystifies it for everyone and hopefully makes other women and professionals feel more comfortable using these anatomical terms, just like we might say "thigh" or "pelvis" or "foot" or "arm".!  There is so much great work being done with the Pelvic floor and now we have to get more comfortable using all the correct anatomical terms!
Thank you Anya !  Your comment is so relevant and important.  You are right.  I still shy away from using the words vagina and anus.  Your comment made me reflect and ask myself, why?  Perhaps it is because I've taught a lot of group classes that have men and women in them, in which case I would say genitals or simply just say seat.  It is also because I am still working on my own insecurities and cultural programming that taught us not to talk publicly about 'private parts'.  I know my friends in other countries have a much easier time talking about these parts of the body.  Thank you again for this very important reminder to shy away from being shy and let's just call it what it is!  
Amy  yes, you could use a soft roller but will not get in as deep as you mentioned.  Thank you for watching! 
Christi, thank you for this wonderful class. It’s rare I do a class twice but I just loved the inclusion of the Somatics work and your cueing and delivery is so calm, kind, exploratory that I was drawn back for a second practice. I will be back and look forward to exploring your other videos too!
Stacie J
Loved this video. Just was wondering why it was just called "Releasing Mat." Didn't know what to expect. 
Stacey M
Wonderful full body release, especially feet! Battling plantar fasciitis on and off for a year, and this work has made a difference already.
This was so good and I loved the discussion before this as well. Thank you!!
Solveiga A
Wonderful class! I wonder how often should one do this to get full benefits for ankle inflammation and to help with hip/thigh release where tensions are caused by bone spurs?
Great class, my whole body feels fantastic! Thank you!
Wonderful class Christi thank you!
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