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Class 3742

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Cheryl Z
I have the MELT roller Balls and Book have been always surprised how much stuck stress is living in my cells. I love the map you show to release it. Thank you for a wonderful release AHHH
Margery C
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I am in LOVE! :)  Just coming out of a week off due to a severe chronic illness flare of deep pain to my inner torso as well as joint pain and headache.  Was feeling exhausted and demoralized.   I had no energy to do my regular ( even restorative Pilates workout) and then saw this!  I used my softest 
Roller (which is not as soft as the MELT).  My body and soul felt richly rewarded!   My lumbar curve was exaggerated and tight at the beginning as well as my whole right side (neck to hip) were tight and not resting on the mat.  “Spaces” were excessive on right side especially.   By the end of my workout, my lumbar space was much relaxed and smaller.  My rib cage, diaphragm shoulder and neck were probably 80- almost 90% improved.   I am HOOKED!  I’ve ordered a properly soft roller and look forward to really diving into this on a deeper and regular basis.    Thank you so much, Sue Hitzman!!! Xoxo
Velma Davis-Wheeler
Loved the class. I look forward to using some of the melt movements for my patients and clients with tight intercostal and psoas muscles. I felt a good change in my body.
Thanks Sue
Jodie  L
AMAZING! Thank you. I love the detailed commentry. I feel so much better. 
Wonderful!!  Really felt the release in my body!
Sue S
Sue Hitzmann Gia Calhoun I love the melt method and fascia release in general. The cues were very in-depth and good, but very fast, so not always easy to understand exactly what we were aiming for. I mostly managed to keep up and will try it again at some point. I think more classes from Sue would be lovely, just slow down a touch please We want to release our fascia and our busy minds.
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