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Class 3742

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no,no,no! it is too much talking; so disturbing; had to turn it off:( not relaxin' - at all!
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Go with it.  I combine Melt and Pilates and my clients just love it.  Just break it down into smaller sections.  Melt is the best!
Could a rolled up towel be used as an alternative?
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I love it. Its not about relaxing its about fascia.. Getting out of pain.. I can see using this before I ride my mountain bike and using this with some of my clients. Thank you Sue can't wait to take a workshop with you.. Tina Follett Pilates and Barrre 
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Felt great after, not sure I was positioned right at all times. I will watch again as I would like to implement with some of my clients
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Worked for me! I feel lighter, longer, and stronger(?)  if that makes sense?!
Question: how long is a typical Melt class?  
Thank you, Sue!
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That felt amazing and is just what I needed after lifting weights a lot lately. Love this! Thank you!
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Difficult to concentrate. The talking was too frantic and so had to turn off
Amazing! Thank you so much for this Fascia release run down
This is fantastic! Oh boy released so much tension and stress particularly in my neck and lumbar. Thank you :)
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