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Class 3742

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Ewa D
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no,no,no! it is too much talking; so disturbing; had to turn it off:( not relaxin' - at all!
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Go with it.  I combine Melt and Pilates and my clients just love it.  Just break it down into smaller sections.  Melt is the best!
Could a rolled up towel be used as an alternative?
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I love it. Its not about relaxing its about fascia.. Getting out of pain.. I can see using this before I ride my mountain bike and using this with some of my clients. Thank you Sue can't wait to take a workshop with you.. Tina Follett Pilates and Barrre 
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Felt great after, not sure I was positioned right at all times. I will watch again as I would like to implement with some of my clients
Amy S
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Worked for me! I feel lighter, longer, and stronger(?)  if that makes sense?!
Question: how long is a typical Melt class?  
Thank you, Sue!
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That felt amazing and is just what I needed after lifting weights a lot lately. Love this! Thank you!
Wendy O
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Difficult to concentrate. The talking was too frantic and so had to turn off
Susanna L
Amazing! Thank you so much for this Fascia release run down
Christine S
This is fantastic! Oh boy released so much tension and stress particularly in my neck and lumbar. Thank you :)
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