Beginner's Assessment<br>Amy Havens<br>Tutorial 3771

Beginner's Assessment
Amy Havens
Tutorial 3771

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A helpful tool to help assess new participants. Thank you 🙏Always love your classes and workshops.
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Back to the basis !  The idea of taking notes and to reassess  where we are regularly is excellent.  Thank you !  
Bern T
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Thank you Amy. It will be useful in assessing new clients as well and their progression.
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Simple and very effective tool Thank you!
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I agree with all comments. This is very helpful and useful!! Thank you very much!! :)
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We instructors do this all the time with each client but a great idea to get the client to have a journal and to log their progress.  To help them become more mindful of their personal journey into Pilates.  As always love your tutorials Amy x
Important points to remember! Taking notes is a must for me!
Thank you Amy Havens . it was really useful. I have a question regarding sitting position. I have one client who has very long liver in lower body and he can not sit on his sit-bone without supporter to take him higher. Do you think with Pilates he will able to sit without supporter in future?
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Thank you all so much for leaving comments here.  To all you beginners here -- great, keep up the assessment and noting your progress!  For those of you teachers who are seeing this --- yes, take these kinds of notes with your clients also and make it a project that you do together.  It's fun and important and it gives you a chance to see where you are at the beginning and where you both get to go together!
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Thank you Amy Havens !
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