Beginner's Assessment<br>Amy Havens<br>Tutorial 3771

Beginner's Assessment
Amy Havens
Tutorial 3771

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This is great and really helpful - as with other aspects of our lives, it's too easy not to recognise our progress / what we have achieved, and so it's really useful to have this clear set of measures to help us / our clients chart their progress in a more concrete way. Thanks!
Hi Liz , thank you!!  Happy to hear you appreciate this thought process as well!
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This is very helpful and I am enlighted with your simple method for assessment...thank you Amy
Michael Mary S
Thanks, Amy.  This is so helpful to present to new students.  Love the idea of everyone keeping a "Pilates" journal to check on progress.
Thank you Michael Mary and Cigdem .  Assessing is very important as it gives us a place to see things at the beginning, and compare to once we've started to move forward.  
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Great assessment tips. Thank you for sharing 
Cynthia G
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As always, a no nonsense, concise assessment to do and to come back to for re-assessment. Thanks
You're very welcome Cynthia G !
Joan M
So, this is my day 1 assessment. Most areas were good except rolldown and rollup which I cannot do at all. No suggestions were offered on coping with this. Can you offer any?
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Thank you, this was incredibly helpful. I've been practising Pilates on and off for a number of years but have never known how to assess my progress.
This was a great way to see where I am now and will definitely be reviewing regularly to track my development.
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