Beginner Mat 1<br>Cara Reeser<br>Class 3820

Beginner Mat 1
Cara Reeser
Class 3820

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Thank you Cara! I always feel pain on my neck but now I know it's ok to use handtowel as support. Do you have suggestion how to strentghen neck for head lift exercise? 
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So so good to go back to basics! Beautiful class Cara
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This is my new favorite video to do when I get home after a long day of teaching!  It is restorative and energizing.  Thank you Cara!
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Beautiful Cara.  I feel delighted.  Thank you.

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I am coming back to Pilates after a concussion, and this class was everything I needed to get back at it and feel good. I loved the cues, I felt it was really helpful for me to pay attention to the movements of my spine and my back is really happy after this class. Thank you so much.
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I so very much enjoyed this class!  Love your easy to follow teaching style and your sense of humour and warmth.  Thanks Cara!!
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This series was great after a return to pilates following a recovery period from an injury. What I especially appreciated was the unique teaching method. I often find the beginners series to include too much explanation and not enough movement to make me feel like I actually took a class, and they're way too long - I can rarely find an hour in the day. This was PERFECT! more please!
Wonderfull class, made me very happy!
Thank you from a 60-year-old beginner. I like everything about this and you!
Best video to calm nerves in these difficult times. thanks for bringing us back to center :)
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