Beginner Mat 1<br>Cara Reeser<br>Class 3820

Beginner Mat 1
Cara Reeser
Class 3820

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Lisa S
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Really basic and well explained. Sometimes good to go back to the basics. Did not need the Theraband.
Lisa thanks for watching, yes I skipped the Theraband in this one but we use it in the series later. 
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Thank you great ideas for the roll down, an the ab curl up, loved it!
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I like going back to basics; thank you for the modifications...
Christine T
Great, I loved using the hand towel to support head during the sit up.
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very helpful! any tips for men who find it so hard to sit upright? thank you!
Lovely clear instruction as ever Cara. I suppose you could use a theraband in the same way to support the head instead of a towel in the ab curl? Sarahx
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 I actually used my thera  band as the towel for support and it worked great. Some great cues and exercises for folks that are still learning. Heck!  I’ve been doing Pilates from u20 years and this was a challenge for me even!  Got a love the fundamentals! Thank you ! 
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This is great to get the spine moving, and the centering line is a great cue. Look forward to trying some of these movements out on clients. Thanks
Karen D
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Made my back happy! I am on a med which seems to have it in for my back and I’m always searching for gentle ways to improve—thanks for a great class!
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