Beginner Mat 1<br>Cara Reeser<br>Class 3820

Beginner Mat 1
Cara Reeser
Class 3820

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Jacqueline M
Loved this exercise. Really struggling with the rolling portions though, my lower spinal area thunks rather than rolls!
Hendrina V
I am 51 years of age and have never done aa pilates class in my life. I hope to do thing correctly and have started with the beginners assessment and fundamental movements. Cara's beginner class Mat 1 is for me difficult to do ( the rolling back into sitting position needs a boost
I find that after each class my lower back is a bit sore and I have a light headache, is this normal?
Hendrina V ~ I hope you're enjoying Pilates! If you are looking for more fundamental classes, I recommend trying our program, The Successful Beginner. It offers modifications and more introductory/foundational classes that will help you strengthen your practice. Also, the light headache could be caused by neck tension. I get headaches frequently too and my neck is usually tight when that happens. If you feel that your neck is strained, I recommend trying some of the modifications in this program to help.
Patty C
Loved this. Great back to basics. Will definitely revisit and I'm telling my friends!
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