Beginner Mat 3<br>Cara Reeser<br>Class 3822

Beginner Mat 3
Cara Reeser
Class 3822

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Love your classes and you make it look so easy when it is not!
Loved this workout today! I’m using with my client! Pacing was perfect!
I love all your 3 class :P hamstrings are starting to loosen up !!!
Yoga class??
This was awesome! Now I am ready to head into anything that comes my way. Thank you.
Thanks for this class Cara! Love the 'letting go' and stretches! 
The letting go is key to good movement. Breathing is so under valued. It's everything! Thanks for a lovely class cara.
Joe B
Thank you so much for your careful and caring classes.  I have studied Pilates for years, but really appreciate your clear cues and focused intentions.  I love all three of your classes!
Thank you so much Cara! You have such a beautiful mind and such a great way of carrying that over to your listeners! I feel warm inside and out! Sometimes we all need a class like this, I am grateful!
Thank you so much Cara! would be nice to have more of your lovely classes.
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