Embodied Anatomy Reformer<br>Lesley Powell<br>Class 3830

Embodied Anatomy Reformer
Lesley Powell
Class 3830

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Beautiful class, full of deep wisdom and thought! Thank you! ❤️
Thank you so much Lesley, very clear and useful. 🙏
So much great information thank you. I would love to see Lesley do a workshop working with someone with restrictive shoulder movement to get a greater view of how to modify and cue when the client is struggling more to achieve the exercise.
I would work in the range that the client is painfree.  Sometimes by activating and awakening the shoulder girdle muscles especially rotator cuff muscles can help mobilize the shoulder.  Getting the client aware of unnecessary bracing is important.

Some women in menopause get frozen shoulders.  I have seen this even with very active women.  These women should work with a health professional to unlock muscles.  As movement professionals we can help retrain in painfree ranges of motion healthy shoulder function.

thanks for watching.
Kate A
great video.  thanks for sharing!
Natalie P
Love this! thank you Lesley!!Lesley Powell  
Such great information - thanks for sharing it! Can definitely feel my serratus and my shoulders feel free! Have a few clients who will benefit greatly from this so will be reviewing again (and again!)
Joanna G
Thank you so much, for this series, great content and amazing cues!!! 🤗
Joanna G
This was brilliant, I was wondering would it be possible to do the full workout on the mat only as not all the exercises can be executed on the mat. 
It would be beneficial do do just mat with resistance band or a magic circle...... 
Alice S
Thank you so much! Simply wonderful!
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