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Niedra Gabriel
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Hello dear Nidra ...what for an amazing idea to talk about these points. l give you the reason of everything you pointed about Pilates allaround. I am 100% agree as well. What l think about this and what is the impact in myself after this WS. Well, You raise me up! Being a Pilates teacher is not an easy job ....after many years with my private clients in my small Pilates Studio l can tell you that This profesional life in area of Body and wellneess is like challenge for me and my students...and this energie keep us together like a TEAM. Thanks you dear Nidra ...l love your conducction in this WS. Lady Luz
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Please excuse me for write your name wrong Niedra🙏
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That was great Niedra,  I didn't even realised how much I needed to answer those questions...  I'm already lifted up, more motivated to do Pilates and happy about my choice to becoming a teacher . Thank you Niedra, you are a smart lady and very lovely!  
Paulinka Lady Luz , Thank you both for posting and sharing - it is so important to stay connected to your truth and your heart beat in this profession. Please keep going , you are supposed to thrive and be proud of your gifts , this is all here for you!
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Thanks you dear Niedra for posting these nice words.
Now making reflexion about this new theme about the Ideal Teacher Self l need to say that after remembering the negative expiriences like having Prominent teachers that ignores your potencial or push you down giving you the feelling to broke your selfconfidence ..well it sound very hard but sometimes it is like that or in the opposite way the great positives experiences where you find a teacher that really guides you to continue your way and wake up the light that it is in yourself and this was sometimes with some words like You can do it“ or just a touch in my body that it shows to me that there is more to explore there...these simple things were for me inspire actions.
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Resuming myself ideal teacher is Guide with knowledge and support and grow up the selfconfidence of my student or client.
This is already happening ....already some clients in my studio ..between them Doctors and Manager of high position told me once l wish to have your profession in the way you do...and this is for me the best gift and complement l can receive ever.
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I’m intrigued. Thank you for this. I’m new to pilates, and I’m a new teacher but I want to learn and to find ways that I can contribute to the community. So much to learn that I’m sometimes overwhelmed. Ah, so much more to share. I’ll end with this... thank you. I look forward to this journey.
Rhonda and Lady Luz , thank you both for your posts, take time to write down all that you are discovering,  spending time on the words will later serve you well when you talk to people about what you do and what you believe. This is Valuable and Important, to know this! not only on the inside, but on the outside.  Keep discovering yourself... 
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Thank you, Niedra. Your videos are coming at a perfect time, as I start a new season of teaching. I always feel a crisis of confidence before every class. I am still a little new at it, but I love Pilates for all the same reasons you mentioned. I also want to teach people to respect themselves, to connect with their inner selves, and to reflect on issues that we all struggle with. I like to start each class with a few words about important issues, like raising kids, what is feminism, how to we live in the "now", and oftentimes it turns into an interesting conversation, with everyone giving some input. Thanks for reinspiring me! 
Shannon beautiful, You sound like you bring wonderful qualities to your students, make friends with the feelings prior to starting a class.   It is your body revving up to greatness of the moment.   All good!
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